Paving, Excavating, Water/Sewer, Winter Services, Rig & Swamp Mat Rental, Engineering & Design, Concrete Installation, Aggregate Crushing, Bulk Gravel & Landscape Supply Services in Saskatoon, SK

Delta Construction Group provides quality excavation, paving, and construction services in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We are also City of Saskatoon Specialized, meaning that we can do subdivision development.



    • Full Road Reconstruction
      Road construction and reconstruction services include private service roads, commercial property roads, residential streets, main roads, and highways. From site preparation such as grading to the final laying of concrete or asphalt, Delta Construction Group can do it all.


    • Commercial
      Delta Construction Group doesn’t limit its talent to roads. We can pave commercial areas such as parking lots and public walkways with sturdy concrete or asphalt. We will ensure attractive, long-lasting surfaces that will enhance the look of your building.


    • Milling
      Milling involves removing a layer of thickness from a paved surface. This level of thickness can be just enough to level and smooth the area, or it can involve a full depth removal. Milling is widely used for pavement recycling, where the pavement is removed and ground up to be used as the aggregate in new pavement.


    • Patching
      Delta Construction Group employs efficient patching techniques for filling cracks and potholes in roads, pavements, parking lots, and more.





    • General Services
      Delta Construction Group’s excavation services are utilized for anything from structure foundations to underground plumbing and sewer systems. We use modern, well-maintained excavators, skid steers, dump trucks, and other heavy-duty equipment to provide safe, efficient, and precise excavation work.


    • Trenching
      Delta Construction Group provides trenching services to accommodate any type of construction requirements. These include trenches for communication lines, electrical lines, irrigation and sewer lines, gas lines, and more.


    • Basement Digging
      Delta Construction Group provides neat, precise basement excavations. This allows the foundation footings to be installed in a timely manner and without additional costs associated with material and labor.


    • GPS Enabled Equipment
      Delta Construction Group’s equipment is all equipped with GPS. GPS allows for precise positioning of the excavator bucket’s edge while digging. One of the benefits of this is enhanced safety, with there being no need for a second worker in the trench to guide the bucket. During grading, GPS also eliminates the need for regular surveying. This saves time and money.



Water and Sewer Services

Delta Construction Group provides industrial water and sewer excavation and construction services. Whether you are starting a new project, or updating aging or non-compliant infrastructure, we can help. Our Water and Sewer services include grading, excavation, water well drilling and excavation, pumping station construction, storm sewer construction, distribution link construction, and much more.

Sewer pipe

Winter Services


    • Snow Removal (large scale)
      We all know how snowy our winters can be here. When that snowstorm hits, Delta Construction Group will come to the rescue and have your parking lot or road cleared in a timely manner.
    • Salt Sanding for Parking Lots
    • Winter Powerline Access
      Delta Construction Group will make sure that snow and ice are cleared away from powerlines, to provide access for new powerline installations on new construction projects and also service and maintenance on existing powerlines.


Snow Removal

Rig & Swamp Mat Rental

Need Rig mats? Delta Construction Group has a huge inventory of rig mats available for sale, short or long term rental, and we offer delivery and placement.

We rent our rig mats for use in oil and gas, pipeline, forestry and construction industries. Our experienced team is happy to help decide if renting rig mats is right for you, answer questions you may have about rig mat rentals, and plan deployment to your site. It’s a convenient, affordable way to pay as you go and never be concerned about storing rig mats when not in use. Contact us to get started.


Engineering & Design

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Concrete Installation

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Aggregate Crushing

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Bulk Gravel & Landscape Supply

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